Racism sucks.

More to the point, racists can suck it.

I’m one, sometimes.  I bet you are too.  I am until I smack myself and pull my head out of my ass and recalibrate and remember it’s so totally archaic to judge a person on hue.  That I am programmed from hundreds of years to have that ridiculous thought…and then I forgive myself and snap back into reality.  But there are moments that I slip.

I want to be purple…with sprinkles. 

I’m not, and without a seriously intense raid on Jo-Ann Fabrics I’ll stay this Olive color I came out with.  But it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m happy, or moody, or a bitch, or inconsiderate, or over-friendly, or extra giving, or an amazing lover (I just read a funny story about how people can’t refer to themselves as amazing lovers…only people who have received said “loving” can comment…)  Boom…I’ve been told I’m an amazing lover…so you all can suck it too.

Yes, I’m angry.

Yes, It’s about Richard Sherman.  And every other person on the planet who has been judged for totally unreasonable reasons.

Yes, I know it’s what everyone is talking about and I’m not taking a side, I’m calling for this shit to end.  What we are all taking sides on is actually NOT the point.

For goodness sake.  As if it’s not bad enough that people pull race out when a gentleman that we pay millions of dollars to get all fired up and put the hurt on people does his job to amazing completion.  But the smattering of “look what an upstanding kid from the ghetto he is” is just as much bullshit as the rest.  That’s as much of a story as the other side of the argument.

The only people who really know this guy I’m guessing are friends, family, ex-classmates maybe, teammates…not the interviewers, or us from watching the taped seemingly personal interviews….

Richard Sherman is exactly the same as you and I.  Yes, I know you’re white or Asian or glittery purple.

He is a dude, trying to do the best he can with what he’s got.

And I’m going crazy seeing all these posts defending him, tearing him down…putting him back up again.

Let the man be.

Let the moment…which happened to be one of the most authentic moments in sports broadcasting that I’ve seen in a while…be.  The moment was so authentic as it happened I said, “Woah.”

Leaving me speechless is hard.

As you can imagine.

But there I was.  Stoked as hell about the win and sitting in my seat, speechless.

I want to go on record saying this Racism shit has got to end.  Period.

Let’s just let folks do what they do.  Please.

Is it that we’re bored?  WE have nothing else as a collective whole to talk about?

I’ve got something, something even more to the point than Mr. Compton Stanford being authentically fired up on camera.

Why as a people, a nation, a world do we feel we need to judge EVERYTHING and EVERYONE?

I do it daily, perhaps hourly…and on bad days every minute or so.

I know why I do it.  I do it to make myself feel better.  I’m feeling insecure and I make myself less insecure by tearing someone else down.


What’s your reason?

It’s the same, you know it is.

So if we hold that knowledge….that we have low self esteem….and work on that bit….now we have something to talk about.  Every time we judge someone, even if it’s a nano-second…we hold ourselves tight, and reassure ourselves that we love ourselves, and if we don’t…we get to the root of that?!?  THAT, my friends…is the conversation.

That is the conversation we aren’t having that’s killing the planet, the Eco-system…that’s creating hurricanes and earthquakes…that’s tearing down the financial institutions…that’s killing our trees…our beautiful trees…our bees….our birds.

Now that’s a conversation I want to have.

Why as a people, as a nation, as a world are we so insecure in our own bodies, our own hearts? 

That’s what this is really about.

That’s really what it’s all about.

Racism, Egoism, Ageism, Anti-semitism….all if it.  Every freaking -ism.

I make fun of Jewish people and money…mainly because I’m Jewish and I wish that I could have that money gift like the “rest of my stereotyped” people.  I say it’s “OK” because I’m Jewish…but it’s not.  It’s not ok.

I’m aware of this.

I explore this.

What are you going to explore?

I’m waiting…

Heaven forbid some more authenticity floats by and we are in a position to be part of the experience, instead of separating and making ourselves scared, or horrified, or better than….let’s just be.  Feel.  Open.  Attune.  Explore.  Engage.  Live.  Participate.

Doesn’t that just seem better?








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